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"Markus" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Ouch, typo in Fuqids configuration (wrong port). Now it doesn't say that
> node is overloaded or down, but I still can't get it to download anything
> through stunnel, logs say "Fatal error in download thread: EFCPError: recv
> failed: 10054".

10054 is the Winsock error code for "Connection Reset," which is likely
indicative of a bad setup on the remote side. As Mika mentioned, first
ensure that the remote node is allowing your IP address to connect to
whichever service you're looking for - mainport or FCP. (For FUQID, it's
FCP, and note that you lose anonymity making FCP requests to a node you
aren't operating locally.) These are set via freenet.conf options on the
server running the node.

If everything checks out, FUQID isn't properly connecting to the remote
node. My guess would be either that stunnel is not properly setup, or
your remote node is so overloaded that it cannot accept your connection.
First off, make sure that your FUQID is set up to use the remote node's
IP address, or your local SSH tunnel to that remote IP. FUQID defaults
to localhost on the default FCP port (8481).

I am familiar with stunnel, I use it to initiate secured IRC sessions, but
I haven't used it in conjunction with Freenet. What is the stunnel
command you're using on each end? Feel free to XX.XX.XX.XX out IP
addresses. Maybe I or someone else familiar with stunnel can help.

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