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On Tue, 10 Aug 2004 10:31:01 +0300
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Ouch, typo in Fuqids configuration (wrong port). Now it doesn't say that
node is overloaded or down, but I still can't get it to download anything
through stunnel, logs say "Fatal error in download thread: EFCPError: recv
failed: 10054".

10054 is the Winsock error code for "Connection Reset," which is likely indicative of a bad setup on the remote side. As Mika mentioned, first ensure that the remote node is allowing your IP address to connect to whichever service you're looking for - mainport or FCP. (For FUQID, it's FCP, and note that you lose anonymity making FCP requests to a node you aren't operating locally.) These are set via freenet.conf options on the server running the node.

One gotcha is that when you're using a tunnel, is that the node sees the IP address of the _endpoint_ of the tunnel, not the real source IP. So if you're tunneling straight to the computer running the node, access from localhost is enough.

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