I control a unix (linux enterprise) server for my web sites.
Can I run a node on this and access it from home?  Obviously typing

As long as you can install a decent JVM (Sun 1.4.2_05 seems to work reasonably well), yes. will not pull it up since it is at a server farm in
another state. (USA).

You need to set fcpHosts (for client programs like FIW, Fuqid, Frost etc) and mainport.allowedHosts (the web interface) to allow access from other computers. Also, using a tunnel (SSH, SSL or VPN) to access the node would be wise. And even then you should refrain from inserting big files via FCP, because it's somewhat bandwidth-intensive.

Also, if I have a router at home and 2 comps (XP machines) can I have each computer running a node?

Yes, but the limiting factor might be your bandwidth, and your two home nodes will probably end up competing for it. It's better to run a single node and give it more bandwidth.

With the above resources how do I get the most out of it? (configuration).  My BIGGEST 
thing is speed.  I hate not finding what I am looking for and I hate file not founds.
What would be better, unstable or stable?

Stable. The network is bigger, and most of the recent performance tweaks are in stable, too. You should run unstable only if you don't mind occassional network meltdowns, updating daily and/or want to help with Freenet development.

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