> > With the above resources how do I get the most out of it? (configuration).
> > My BIGGEST thing is speed. I hate not finding what I am looking for and I
> > hate file not founds.
> uhm, transfer speed of a splitfile is great and is able to easily max out
> your connection as the split-file is retrieved in parallel from different
> sources.  overall, freenet has a large latency but usually a nice transfer
> speed.

Although, the best configuration, I think, would be to run just one node, and
access that node from wherever.  Having one node do all the work lets that one
node do more learning of the network.

> don't worry, your node will automatically tell you when a newer version is
> available (by noticing new build numbers within the network)

This is not necessarily so.  99% of the time this works, but the most recent
node update (5090) was a full and clean network reset, meaning 5090 would talk
only to builds 5090 and above.  If you had a 5089 node, you'd never get the
notice about seeing a newer build.  This doesn't immediately matter to you,
Mike, I'm just commenting on the above statement.


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