>> don't worry, your node will automatically tell you when a newer version i=
>s available (by noticing new build numbers within the network)
>Usually :). Check the web site from time to time, or read this list or
>devl, in case there's a reset.

>This is not necessarily so.  99% of the time this works, but the most recent
>node update (5090) was a full and clean network reset, meaning 5090 would talk
>only to builds 5090 and above.  If you had a 5089 node, you'd never get the
>notice about seeing a newer build.  This doesn't immediately matter to you,
>Mike, I'm just commenting on the above statement.

true, you're both correct, in fact someone simply *has* to use the new builds first so 
the other builds can see there's something new around. maybe my answer was shot too 
fast again ^-^

the comment was meant as an easy small step for node ops when to update; being member 
of the support, announce and devl mailinglist is of course superior and preferable

hand ;)

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