Alex Pyattaev wrote:
> You know, I do think that freenet is a good idea. And in fact, until 
> freenet users will consume too much traffic, i'm not going to ban 
> them. Because i don't want to. In fact, right now 100.0% of major 
> traffic consumers are using *other* P2P networks. Mostly torrents, 
> some use mule & DC, but they are much less pain - DC-like protocols 
> never utilize 100% bandwidth due to long periods when noone is 
> leeching from you. So the upload traffic is poorly utilized, and 
> downloads are not so fast due to lack of seeders. So the major problem 
> is torrent, which is extremely easy to detect and ban. And I like the 
> idea. As of freenet, my interest is pure theory right now, since 
> freenet users just don't bother be.

If you like Freenet (cool that you do!) you could help the project: try 
to catch Freenet users on your network and report the results here, so 
developers would get valuable info.
If you do catch someone, you could even (anonymously?) help him set up a 
more secure node, and then try to catch him again.

The only problem that I can see here (and it may be kind of serious) 
would be: what if your bosses realize that you use resources, work 
hours, etc to catch Freenet users, and then you don't actually ban them? 
If you don't have a good excuse for that, may be better just forget the 
whole idea.
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