Luke771 wrote:
> Alex Pyattaev wrote:
>> Ok people, I'll try to adopt my own freenode to track the users that 
>> try to connect to freenet. If I come up with solution, I'll indeed 
>> tell you. Hope I'll ban some nasty users before you make a patch, so 
>> that I can sleep well knowing that my bosses will never know about the 
>> freenet users in the LAN=)
> What you're doing here is catching Opennet users. Pure Darknet users 
> wont be that easy to catch.

He has stated that the network does not allow "P2P applications" running 
as pure darknet will technically be "F2F", now we can start arguing whether F2F 
is a subset of P2P or a distinctly different thing. But if we accept that F2F 
and P2P are different, then people who haven't enabled Opennet are actually not 
violating that particular network's guidelines.

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