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Anarhist<volo...@whengendarmesleeps.org> wrote:
> Luke771 wrote:
>> Alex Pyattaev wrote:
>>> Ok people, I'll try to adopt my own freenode to track the users that
>>> try to connect to freenet. If I come up with solution, I'll indeed
>>> tell you. Hope I'll ban some nasty users before you make a patch, so
>>> that I can sleep well knowing that my bosses will never know about the
>>> freenet users in the LAN=)
>> What you're doing here is catching Opennet users. Pure Darknet users
>> wont be that easy to catch.
> He has stated that the network does not allow "P2P applications" running 
> Freenet
> as pure darknet will technically be "F2F", now we can start arguing whether 
> F2F
> is a subset of P2P or a distinctly different thing. But if we accept that F2F
> and P2P are different, then people who haven't enabled Opennet are actually 
> not
> violating that particular network's guidelines.

Except that it's really, really obvious that friends are a subset of
peers.  See definition of peers.  In a computing context, peers is as
distinct from client/server etc.  This is a silly argument, and any
sysadmin will (rightly) tell you you're an idiot if you try to make

Evan Daniel
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