Freenet 0.7.5 build 1276 is now available. I actually started to release it a 
week ago but my internet connection died (external wiring problem just fixed 
today) and I went on holiday. Anyway, changes include:
- Limit the number of announcements accepted by a seednode. Seednodes with 
limited bandwidth were accepting so many announcements that they would not 
process any requests, and the announcements were timing out because of lack of 
- Delete the "skip the wizard" link. It wasn't working and isn't a good idea 
- Translation updates for Russian and German.
- Minor fixes.
- Make 1275 mandatory.

Please upgrade, especially if you run a seednode. Newly bootstrapped nodes seem 
to work reasonably well - they get bootstrapped very fast - but people are 
reporting that downloads are slow, inserts are slow, and there still seems to 
be some backoff (???). Also the network seems to be growing rather rapidly 
according to the stats graphs.

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