> When you say "multiple darknets" -- do you mean disconnected from
> the rest of "opennet" / separate networks, with only content provided
> by those nodes? 
When I say "multiple darknets" I mean completely separate but under an off-band 
For example, I create a darknet for my tennis friends and another for my joga 
My tennis friends don't know my joga friends.  I want to keep it that way.
But, I want to be able to do my postings to both groups so I either set up 
myself twice, one per darknet 
or once and I connect to everybody on both darknets.
I would prefer the once solution for I don't know if that is technically 
possible or would violate the anonimity of the two groups.

> 'Cuz that's not really possible to enforce -- so long as
> any one of the nodes in that network has opennet enabled, all the nodes
> will have access to it. Each node in a darknet individually and manually
> chooses which peers to trust -- so that's how membership is controlled.
My thinking is that the joga and tennis members will share their keys to 
establish the trust.
The question is my case, can I also share keys with both groups without causing 
a bridge between both groups?

> There is a file (peers-DARKNETPORT) which stores your darknet peer node
> references, if you want to automate the "bootstrapping to the darknet"
> -- which I suppose serves the analagous function as seednodes.fref does
> for opennet.
Could this be used when a new member join or leave either my yoga and tennis 
What I mean, have the complete member reference in a file that I could off-band 
send to the members to update.

Thank you so much for getting back to me.  
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