On Fri, 10 Sep 2010 09:52:27 -0400, Uriel Carrasquilla wrote:
> Does the concept of seednodes apply to Darknets?

No. Seednodes are "open"/public/known nodes that are used to initially
connect to the "opennet". Darknet refers to
"dark"/private/probably-unknown friends of yours that you explicitly

When you say "multiple darknets" -- do you mean disconnected from
the rest of "opennet" / separate networks, with only content provided
by those nodes? 'Cuz that's not really possible to enforce -- so long as
any one of the nodes in that network has opennet enabled, all the nodes
will have access to it. Each node in a darknet individually and manually
chooses which peers to trust -- so that's how membership is controlled.
There is a file (peers-DARKNETPORT) which stores your darknet peer node
references, if you want to automate the "bootstrapping to the darknet"
-- which I suppose serves the analagous function as seednodes.fref does
for opennet.
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