>> When I say "multiple darknets" I mean completely separate but under
>> an off-band control.

> Not possible. Unless you can force your people not to enable opennet,
> or not to add other darknet peers who have access to the opennet (or
> access to your other darknet). Which you can't.

Let's make something clear: No one is forcing anybody.
>From your comments, am I correct in concluding that I can have two separate 
>darknets but I cannot have one member joining both darknets from the same 
Am I also correct in understanding that once a member in a darknet joins 
opennet then the rest of the members become opennet members?

I may have the wrong impression but isn't the idea of small worlds a concept 
where one of the small worlds may not want to relate to the rest of the 
(opennet) world?

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