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> .7 has very few users, very little content, and no opennet.
> It's useless for new users.

I'm not sure stopping linking it on the website would help it have more 
users. About content, I see new freesites apearing quite the same rythm 
as on 0.5 so it's just a matter of time for 0.7 to have as much content 
as 0.5.

> And the security that you say is better has yet to be tested. I

Where did I say that ? In "the same security level." ?
AFAIK, "the same" is not equal to "better". Maybe I'm wrong.

> wouldn't bet on something that's only been around for a few months vs.
> something that's been slowly improving for...well, longer than I've
> known freenet.

Anyway, I won't argue on that because the decision is not in my hands.
The fact is that 0.7 is the only supported version and that it is the 
future. Not linking to the current version and gripping to the old one 
would be an interesting kind of suicide for a project that's a constant 

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