Have you thought about that ignoring reset packets thing that was
shown to make it possible to bypass The Great Firewall? I mean, I
don't know too much about it, or if it'd be possible for
freenet....but it might be worth looking in to.

Also just wanna add that I fully support the desire to help get around
the chinese firewalls and stuff....but you're one of hundreds of
projects working on that same goal....and personally, I'm not using
0.7 until there's a working opennet. As much as it may seem like I'm
totally against darknets....it's not so much what you're working on,
it's how. I still feel quite strongly that the main page should send
new users to a download page for 0.5, not 0.7. As for the issue of
getting a working opennet...I'll join the other people in backing
off....I suppose I can wait another year or so for a new version....I
just hope 0.5 will last that long without any fresh users.

On 8/30/06, David 'Bombe' Roden <droden at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 30 August 2006 22:35, inverse wrote:
> > beyond harvesting the connected IP addresses to raid their owner's
> > homes, one big concern with encrypted protocols is that they can be
> > filtered out by application-level scanning firewalls. I think this is
> > exactly what's happening in China.
> Yes, the session bytes that are used to initiate connections are
> typical.
> > Public-key encrypted communications show constant patterns the moment
> > a public key is exchanged between hosts.
> Communication between 0.7 nodes doesn't have to exchange public keys,
> those are already known as they are contained in the node reference.
>         David
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