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I was in China last year. I was able to create a VPN connection in the US with 
no problem. Most of the web didn't work, even SSL. SSH was completely blocked 
as well, which is why I was surprised that I could connect via VPN with no 
problems. This was in Beijing.


++ 31/08/06 15:31 +0100 - Matthew Toseland:
>On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 06:01:45PM +0400, Roman V. Isaev wrote:
>> On 08/31, Matthew Toseland wrote:
>> > > > Have you thought about that ignoring reset packets thing that was
>> > > > shown to make it possible to bypass The Great Firewall? I mean, I
>> > > > don't know too much about it, or if it'd be possible for
>> > > > freenet....but it might be worth looking in to.
>> > > That would involve platform-specific code, there's no way to do that in 
>> > > java.
>> > It's unnecessary anyway because it only applies to TCP. It does however
>> > tell us something very interesting and useful: The firewall is stateless !!
>> > They pick up forbidden keywords on a packet and then send a reset
>> > packet, they don't even delete later packets on the same connection
>> > because *they don't track connections at all* !
>> But they will do that, sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. Another
>> chunk of money for Cisco I guess...
>The interesting thing is you can connect to IRC and discuss forbidden
>keywords... Also that study is curious because I heard they block the
>whole page, rather than just interrupt it in the middle...
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