> To me analyzing the given examples it seems as if a mall was necessarily a
> closed place while a shopping center would/could have outdoor connectivity.
> They appear to be similar as they both have several independent shops and
> collective facilities like toilets and parking. Maybe a mall has to have
> restaurants and other eating facilities, while a shopping center doesn't
> have to (but could have). I think small sets of shops with collective
> parking won't qualify as "mall" but they might constitute a shopping center.

Just a small interjection from a native British speaker. Shopping_centre
is the normal term. "mall" is rarely encountered.

That said, I appreciate the distinction in question, and not sure that I
have much constructive to say. But I do agree that shop= seems like the
wrong tag for an area or a building containing multiple shops. as
another post said, landuse=retail (or building=retail?) is surely far better.


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