2014-10-21 15:39 GMT+02:00 Jerry Clough - OSM <sk53_...@yahoo.co.uk>:

>    - Use of the shop tag is inherently problematic. These are not shops
>    but retail areas. At the moment whenever I do any kind of retail analytical
>    query I have to do AND NOT IN (shop='mall'). I would prefer to use
>    landuse=retail with retail=mall or retail=shopping centre etc. We certainly
>    don't tag a centre of a village with a few shops as shop=village_centre.

The centre of a village is much more than just shops, but that's another
discussion ;-)

I agree with you that shop=shopping_centre or mall is not a good tag,
unlike shop=department_store or supermarket, these are indeed entities
consisting of several shops. On the other hand, landuse doesn't seem a nice
tag to me neither, as it is about the use of land, an attribute. Yes,
landuse=retail and retail=mall will indicate that this land is used for a
mall, but I'd consider this an indirect way of stating: "there must be some
shopping mall over there", rather than explicitly naming the feature (e.g.
amenity=shopping_centre would be a candidate), and I could also imagine
situations where several landuse objects together form one shopping mall or
centre (because they are interrupted in the middle by something else).

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