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> The tag emergency=ses_station is only used in one country, so it would
> be better to pick a name that will make sense internationally.

Yes, I agree entirely! That was the suggestion made previously that I
mentioned & why I then suggested combining everything into "rescue station"
& splitting further from there

> >  So the land_rescue here means a rescue service where the main mode of
> transport of the responders involved is a motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot.
> Don't they sometimes use helicopters too?

At least from the Aussie side of things, they can sometimes be moved by
choppers (Police or military) but SES don't own any choppers of their own.
They do however have boats as they are also used for flood rescue, which I
guess already makes the nice clean land / water split a bit murky

> > emergency=rescue_station, broken down into what type of rescue that
> station carries out.
> That seems sensible, but it needs to be clearly defined what qualifies
> as one of these places.

  Yes it will need a bit of work! The breakdown I suggested before was very
much off teh top of the head, without any really detailed thought!

> Is a "Search and Rescue" center one of these?

Yes it would be. At the moment I'm mapping NSW Fire Station locations &
updating their details, & I've found a number of places where the Rural
Fire Service & the SES share a shed - ones an amenity=fire_station, but the
other is currently just a building - how do we put 2 tags on the one
building, when they are both equally important?

> What about a place that dispatches ambulances?

Ambulance stations are a different thing again, which are tagged as
emergency=ambulance_station, but which, for some reason I've never
understood, don't render at all, while Police & Fire do?
& why the mixture between amenity= & emergency=?

> The wiki page for emergency=water_rescue_station suggests that
> emergency=lifeguard_base should be used instead, so that needs to be
> cleared up.

& I believe I saw somewhere that they both refer to each other!


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