As others have said, emergency=landing_sites are different to helipads, as
per the ongoing discussion re airstrip / airfield / aerodrome. In
Australia, we have just finished mapping ~700 of then throughout New South
Wales in connection with the current bushfires (which I'm sure you've all
heard about :-(), & are looking at doing the same for other states, to show
spots that choppers can land if needed.

With regard to =mountain_rescue. As was mentioned earlier, there may only
be a few of them mapped, but in those areas they are vital! I know there
also used to be a listing for emergency=ses_station for the Australian
State Emergency Service bases, but that appears to have been removed at
some stage?

On the discussion page for it, it
was thought that the name was too country specific, & the suggestion was
made to possibly rename these to =land_rescue_station, similar to the
existing =water_rescue_station
" There is an existing tag for emergency
<> and
given the diverse nature of at least the Australian SES, I'd suggest a
renaming to emergency <>=
it would be easy to verify on the ground. It would also resolve confusion
in mapping marine SES units to the water_rescue_station rather than
SES_station which spans both. So the land_rescue here means a rescue
service where the main mode of transport of the responders involved is a
motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot. Alex Sims
<> (talk
<>) 04:46, 20 May
2019 (UTC)"

There would seem to be possible grounds for a new tag of
emergency=rescue_station, broken down into what type of rescue that station
carries out:
eg type (that word that everybody loves!) / field / area / rescue=water
(swimmers) / land / mountain / marine (boats) / etc

emergency=rescue_station + rescue=marine + operator=Marine Rescue
Queensland + name=Marine Rescue Currumbin

Lifeguards could then come under the same classification using water rescue

emergency=rescue_station + rescue=water + operator=Surf Life Saving
Queensland + name=Palm Beach SLSC

emergency=rescue_station + rescue=water + operator=Gold Coast City Council
Lifeguard Service + name=Lifeguard Tower 14



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