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2) =fire_water_pond " A man made or natural pond with water for a fire
department." 2785 uses

Why is that not verifiable? Such ponds typically have a red-framed sign
Ground-verifiable, not necessarily Bing-verifiable.

I see how that's verifiable in Germany, but isn't it actually an
emergency=suction_point in that case? The sign is the place where you
suction water into the fire engine, right?

In other countries we are not so picky about what water sources we use
for fighting fires. ;-)

Indeed the Germans are picky about these things ;-) But suction_point and the pond are two different things. The first could also be some pre-installed pipe in a stream, the pond is a dedicated feature often prescribed in the planning permission when you erect something, and might need to be maintained so it is filled. The first is a point, the second is a water body.

there should be a template
separate from the Map features template that can be included in each of
them. Do you know how to
handle translation of the subheadings in such case?

Since the page is just several taglists, I'm not sure if it's still
necessary to have a separate template. Probably it's easier to just
copy and past the taglists, then add the language and translate the

I will try this out for the Indonesian page and see if it works easily.

either method is ok, a new template would have the advantage that it keeps the 
translations consistent.


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