The difference between emergency=lifeguard_tower and
emergency=lifeguard_platform is not very clear.

Recall that the original question is about what tags should be
included in Map Features, the introductory page, translated into may
languages, which represents the most commonly used, "de facto" and
"approved" tags.

That list is curated through the proposal process and discussion on
this mailing list and the wiki, generally tags should not be added
unless there is wide consensus that the tag has been accepted by the
global mapping community as the "de facto" way to map a particular

I am not questioning the use of any of the tags.

- Joseph Eisenberg

On 1/19/20, Andrew Harvey <> wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Jan 2020 at 10:40, Graeme Fitzpatrick <>
> wrote:
>> There would seem to be possible grounds for a new tag of
>> emergency=rescue_station, broken down into what type of rescue that
>> station
>> carries out:
>> eg type (that word that everybody loves!) / field / area / rescue=water
>> (swimmers) / land / mountain / marine (boats) / etc
> I like the distinction between marine and water, since lifeguards mostly
> just deal with swimmers near shore and water police, marine rescue go
> further out and respond to incidents with water craft.
> At least for now the three lifeguard tags, emergency=lifeguard_base,
> emergency=lifeguard_tower and emergency=lifeguard_platform are all well
> defined, so at least in the near term we should keep using them.

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