Thank you for the help, Greg.

>> 2) =fire_water_pond " A man made or natural pond with water for a fire
>> department." 2785 uses
>> - Remove: This tag isn't verifiable, or else it could be added to any
>> pond or small lake. It's not much used outside of Germany.
> Around me, there are things that meet this definition, and have
> standpipes installed.  So it's quite verifable.  However, if the pipe is
> tagged as some kind of hydrant, and the water is tagged, that seems
> sufficient.

That tag is probably emergency=suction_point - seems much better to
tag that rather than identifying the whole pond.

>> 3) =access_point "A sign number which can be used to define your
>> current position in case of an emergency" - 5555 uses
>> - Remove: the similar tag 'highway=access_point" is much more common
>> and was approved.
> I have seen, in company parking lots "evacuation assembly point #6" or
> signed for some floor/building.  These are for people, not  a highway
> thing.   I think it makes sense to map them.  Do you think this usage is
> what the tag is about?

That's probably emergency=assembly_point -

>> ) =landing_site "Preselected flat area for a helicopter to land in an
>> emergency" 2543 uses
>> - Uncertain: the tag aeroway=helipad is more common, and the
>> distinction  is unclear
> There is a difference between a helipad and a place for an emergency.
> Around me helipads are fenced and have lights, and landing there is
> within normal practice.
> There are also pre-planned sites for medical helicopters to land, and
> these are definitely not helipads.  They are merely places that are hard
> enough surface and open enough (no poles or wires) that a Medflight or
> police helicopter pilot can safely land and take off from.   Almost
> always some fire department equipement/people are sent to secure the
> landing site and provide lighting / denote the center with headlights.

Ok, that makes sense. I actually know of a number of these which I
could map (I sometimes fly along with the local helicopter medevac

- Joseph Eisenberg

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