Joseph Eisenberg <> writes:

> That tag is probably emergency=suction_point - seems much better to
> tag that rather than identifying the whole pond.

Sounds basically reasonable to me.  The page does not make it clear if
this is just a place you can put a hose in, or if the piping is
pre-installed.  What I'm talking about is a red 3 or 4" pipe that runs
from under the middle to the edge with "FD Water Source #6" sign or some
such.   Maybe that's what

  emergency=fire_hydrant + fire_hydrant:type=suction_point - strange 
alternative tagging

is all about.

But I don't see getting that straightened out as a bar to what you want
to do.

> That's probably emergency=assembly_point -

That's exactly the kind of thing I meant.  So no objections to your
plans here.

>>> ) =landing_site "Preselected flat area for a helicopter to land in an
>>> emergency" 2543 uses
>>> - Uncertain: the tag aeroway=helipad is more common, and the
>>> distinction  is unclear
>> There is a difference between a helipad and a place for an emergency.
>> Around me helipads are fenced and have lights, and landing there is
>> within normal practice.
>> There are also pre-planned sites for medical helicopters to land, and
>> these are definitely not helipads.  They are merely places that are hard
>> enough surface and open enough (no poles or wires) that a Medflight or
>> police helicopter pilot can safely land and take off from.   Almost
>> always some fire department equipement/people are sent to secure the
>> landing site and provide lighting / denote the center with headlights.
> Ok, that makes sense. I actually know of a number of these which I
> could map (I sometimes fly along with the local helicopter medevac
> service).

So sounds like you are not going to remove landing_site?

In addition to real helipads and merely planned places, I have also seen
a crazy-extra-wide turning circle at the end of a road to a ~mountain
hiking trail, with paint marks that are obviously about helicopters.
But I am 99% sure this is for medevac only -- I think they just expect to need
it more often given the trail steepness, and there wasn't anything
close, so they cleared and paved a 100' circle (and you can park around
the edge only, IIRC).

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