Joseph Eisenberg <> writes:

> 2) =fire_water_pond " A man made or natural pond with water for a fire
> department." 2785 uses
> - Remove: This tag isn't verifiable, or else it could be added to any
> pond or small lake. It's not much used outside of Germany.

Around me, there are things that meet this definition, and have
standpipes installed.  So it's quite verifable.  However, if the pipe is
tagged as some kind of hydrant, and the water is tagged, that seems

> 3) =access_point "A sign number which can be used to define your
> current position in case of an emergency" - 5555 uses
> - Remove: the similar tag 'highway=access_point" is much more common
> and was approved.

I have seen, in company parking lots "evacuation assembly point #6" or
signed for some floor/building.  These are for people, not  a highway
thing.   I think it makes sense to map them.  Do you think this usage is
what the tag is about?

> These 3 I don't know how to handle:
> ) =landing_site "Preselected flat area for a helicopter to land in an
> emergency" 2543 uses
> - Uncertain: the tag aeroway=helipad is more common, and the
> distinction  is unclear

There is a difference between a helipad and a place for an emergency.
Around me helipads are fenced and have lights, and landing there is
within normal practice.

There are also pre-planned sites for medical helicopters to land, and
these are definitely not helipads.  They are merely places that are hard
enough surface and open enough (no poles or wires) that a Medflight or
police helicopter pilot can safely land and take off from.   Almost
always some fire department equipement/people are sent to secure the
landing site and provide lighting / denote the center with headlights.

These are verifiable, by talking to the fire department people or
observing them being used.

Perhaps there should be some other tag, but the concept is entirely valid.

(I am unclear on map features vs key values.)

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