I respectively I contend that it is not all abbreviations in OSM needs to be expanded, not withstanding of the general direction to expand abbreviations in OSM.  It is illogical to change the well used name of a location.

There is even a wiki page which has been around since 2010 that lists some exceptions to what should be expanded in the UK:

On 2018-02-19 04:49 PM, OSM Volunteer stevea wrote:
I continue to assert that our (OSM's) name=* wiki states these abbreviations should be fully 
expanded and that official_name=* might hold the abbreviation.  In short, "them's the 
rules" in OSM:  part of why I'm pounding so hard on this is that I might get some recognition 
that OSM does have rules to follow.  (Slavishly?  Well, perhaps yes, perhaps no, but please analyze 
and fully understand the issues before taking exception to them).  There are good reasons for this 
"no abbreviations" tenet which have to do with software parsers being able to do sane 

Jarek and I have exchanged opinions, though what he distilled for me from his point of view is that 
"software parsing of names is fraught with problems..." and so we should/must "fix 
these problems in the data."  Again, I respectfully disagree:  the data are to be full names 
without abbreviations SO THAT software parsers have a consistent set of data to use.  This is at 
least partly why official_name and loc_name exist.

I realize that as somebody from outside Canada, some may feel I clomp clumsily here, as I don't want to get 
in the way of "how Canada does things."  However, what we are talking about is "how Canada 
does things IN OSM" and about that, I am not outside the tent, I am inside of it.  I continue to respect 
good dialog while realizing that all of us, as we display our passion in this forum, "wish to do the 
right things."


On Feb 19, 2018, at 1:32 PM, Kevin Farrugia <> wrote:
St. Catharines was founded by Loyalists, so they would have been English speaking making comparing with 
Quebecois names isn't the greatest idea.  Ontario's place names generally have more in common with British 
convention than with French/Quebecois historical conventions.  The city's corporate name uses "St." 
as does all city and provincial spellings of their name.  In the end, the province has the authority to make 
a municipal name "official" and their spelling is only ever found as "St." in any 

-Kevin Farrugia

On 19 February 2018 at 15:31, Ga Delap <> wrote:
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2018 23:56:20 +0100
From: Jarek Piórkowski <>
Subject: Re: [Talk-ca] Formatting of Municipality Names
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
... It is not clear to me that "Saint Catharines" is the
correct unabbreviated version of the city's name. In fact it looks
incorrect to me.
Since St-Catharines is of french origin, why don't you look at what they did on 
the other side of your language border?


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