I have summarized the discussion we had here over the last week or so  on https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Canadian_tagging_guidelines for easy reference in the future.  It is:

       Municipality Names

Municipality names are to be spelt according to how they are listed in NRCan (http://www4.rncan.gc.ca/search-place-names/search) or other official source. That means:


   Do not include "City of", "Municipality of" or similar in the name
   unless that is officially part of the name.   "Village of Queen
   Charlotte" (BC) is correct, "City of Toronto" is incorrect (should
   be "Toronto").


   Do not expand "St." to "Saint" or "Ste" to "Sainte" just to
   conform to OSM's "don't abbreviate names" rule. If the city name
   is normally has it expanded, then it is maintained as expanded in
   OSM. If it is not normally expanded, then it is not expanded in
   OSM. "Saint John" (NB) and "St. John's" (NL) are both correct.

Feel free to clarify further on the wiki or continue the discussion here...

Matthew Darwin

On 2018-02-19 06:33 PM, Stewart C. Russell wrote:
On 2018-02-19 05:08 PM, Jarek Piórkowski wrote:
Have you passed by talk-gb? They have a fair amount of "St" names and
some authority as to how to do things in OSM.
The UK has Bury St Edmunds, Chapel St Leonards, Lytham St Annes, Ottery
St Mary, St Andrews, St Anne, St Austell, St Blazey, St Columb Major, St
Helens, St Ives, St Monans and St Neots all as town names in OSM. The
only two "Saint .*" towns in the whole British Isles' OSM are Saint
Helier and Saint Peter Port, both in the Channel Islands. Both have
French influences. And just to thumb its nose at us, nearby Alderney has
the town of "St Anne". So I don't think they can be a great example.

Near "St. Louis" (Missouri - abbreviated that way in OSM), OSM has the
towns of "Saint Clair" and "Saint James". In the same area, there's St.
Charles, St. Peters and East St. Louis (IL). In the St. Louis metro
area, there are roughly 4500 ways named "St\. Louis.*" and roughly 3500
ways named "St Louis.*". There are also roughly 3500 ways named "Saint .*"

So this is not a standard well kept.


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