It's open source, but to release it that way, Nokia had to remove a lot of closed-source components that are critical to the platform itself. If you compiled and installed what's on the internet right now, you'd end up with a brick.


On 3/1/2010 5:11 PM, shaun everiss wrote:
thought symbian was opensource.
oh well what  exactly will we all use after all that goes away.
not that I care much there will probably be for the forseeable future old 
phones mine still works.
I suppose we will have to use all the broken windows and simlinux systems then.
android looks promising though the google nexus was a joke really was.
Its a pitty we can't just have a version of win7 or xp on a mobile.
Its a shame that the only phone that is mac is an iphone.
Would like to have hmm a mac powerphone imagine what cool things I would be 
able to do with that.
At 10:54 a.m. 2/03/2010, you wrote:
Given what's out there right now, it can't be done. Platforms are very, very 
different, and a lot of what products like Orca or NVDA need to operate aren't 
present on handsets. Android is based on Linux, by the way. A screen reader is 
in the works, and while it's not very useful now, it may be great given another 
year or two of development. Nokia is abandoning Simbian as we all know it in 
loo of a Linux/Simbian hybrid which is just as broken as Windows Phone 7 will be


On 3/1/2010 4:51 PM, shaun everiss wrote:
well I myself think simbian rocks.
win mobile, well from what I hear it crashes like no one's business.
On that note wander why  no one has designed something around a linux distro, 
ubuntu, maybe nvda and something else.
could probably work to.
and you could run linux apps on your mobile.
At 10:35 a.m. 2/03/2010, you wrote:

I suspect everyone on that list has already signed. He needs to get the word 
out through additional channels without trying to guilt trip the reader into 
signing it. Frankly though, I don't think there will be much luck. A telecomm 
company that has hundreds of thousands of customers doesn't care about a 
thousand blind people, no matter how angry they get. Just look at what 
Microsoft is doing to Windows Mobile; yanking the rug out from under everyone 
with no regards to keeping products like MobileSpeak functional. Why petition? 
Microsoft obviously doesn't give a flip, and neither do these guys.

As much as I like MobileSpeak and especially Mobile Geo, I'll be banking on the 
Android platform in a few years when both WM and Simbian are dead.


On 3/1/2010 3:39 PM, Onj wrote:

you're not head of a large blindy organisation, though.  And though I agree 
with your standpoint, to a point, if I ask you, will you sign instead?  I'm 
asking as someone who, unless Loadstone really decides to do something useful, 
will have no GPS undder his platform.  You have Mobile Geo and you are lucky 
for that, however it shall be a cold day in hell I switch to Windows smart.  
Especially with all the incredibly um, interesting? changes they are trying to 
implement at this time.
So, ignoring that message, which to be fair the guy did have a point, he wasn't 
saying it to individuals but to large organisations, please sign it. I can't 
ask more than that really.

From: Stephen Clower<>
on Monday, March 01, 2010 7:20 PM

So... he wants more signatures, but the only way he feels he can get
them is to insult everybody? I won't sign now simply because of the
author's attitude, despite his good intentions.


On 3/1/2010 2:12 PM, Onj wrote:

I haven't seen a message on this list for months.  Why not let the
content of this message speak for itself?

From: Neil Barnfather - TalkNav<>
on Monday, March 01, 2010 6:02 PM

A quick note to all of you who have, and those who as of yet have not
the WFA user protest site.

Before I start my message the link right here and now is

Firstly, a note to all of you who have signed, thank you, but I have
to at
this stage say that it is way too few who have made this effort. We are
nearing 700, yet for Vodafone to take this seriously we need thousands.

To date we've not even got close to even the number of users of the
application signing, let alone additional support.

Can I especially ask those of you who either work with or for the
organizations that supposedly represent us as blind folk, yes you
lot, those
of you at the RNIB, CNIB, AFB, NFB, etc, etc, you lot really have
made me
rather upset and irritated.

To date I've posted two messages via each of your web-sites informing
all of our protest, has any one of you got back to me to ask for more
detail, have you mass mailed your members, have you lobbied in our
have you, no sir. Is this an outrage, is this a complete lack of
when it comes to supporting those who you claim to represent? This
individual thinks so. So if you represent, or have a contact at your
blind organization please forward this message, we, or certainly I,
am very,
very disappointed in you all.

As for those private individuals who have not yet signed, even if you
do not
own Access or a Symbian phone, your name should be on this list, the
says something about who we are and what we stand for as blind folks, it
says that we will not lay down and be ignored whilst our tools to
and mobility are stolen from us. It says we have a voice and we are
to use it when necessary.

This protest is about more than just Wayfinder Access, it is a
symbol, now
please, I urge you all, we need this link spreading, we need it sharing,
Face Book pages, Twitter, those of you who produce pod casts, mailing
etc, etc, if you believe in your freedom to mobility and your rights to
accessible products then make your mark.

More than this, those you know need to say that they too are in
support of
our cause, so get your address book and forward this link,
personalize it
with a few lines of message, get the word out there.

The protest site has a league table on it at the bottom of the public
signatures page, it's dynamic and countries move about on the list.
To date
we've only had a tiny portion of blind people around the world sign up.
Spread the word folks.

This issue rests squarely in your hands, make a difference today...


Neil Barnfather.

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