hmmm do it anyway.
Ok I can't prommise any donations but I am part admin of a podcast site, I can 
submit material for inclusion, I can probably promote  the project heck could 
even get my own section basedon that project if I wished at least I think I can.
At 06:32 a.m. 3/03/2010, you wrote:
>this is something I've been pondering for the last 2 weeks after a 
>conversation with onj
>the Asterisk pbx uses a bounty system to get stuff done. So, basically you 
>take donations for 3-9 months, then offer the money to developers to complete
>the project. and the project that I invision is an open source product based 
>on google maps that's multi plat form. pc, and winmo/symbian.  WX widgits
>are availible for all our major platforms.
>In theory this isnt hard to setup but I can smell the headaches from a 
>thousand miles away.  People want donations back, people dont like the finished
>product etc.  I'm not sure I want the project but It does leave me tempted to 
>do it.
>On 3/2/2010 8:40 AM, Brandon Hicks wrote:
>block quote
>That would be the best, and if I had the knowledge I'd do it or talk to them 
>about it. Hopefully someone will, because Loadstone could be good if it just
>streamlined the process of getting maps and POIs and got access to the better 
>maps from Google.
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Did you miss a message?  Well, don't.
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