Sometime back, on my Shiny Android toy, I purchased an app aptly named
Football Radio.  With this app, I can pretty much listen to any game in any
market provided there's no lock out!  

Though I am in Bronco Land, I do enjoy following Seattle, Phoenix, Giants
and Panthers now and then.  For Broncos, I listen on my regular radio unless
I am out of base.  I'm not sure I can get PRESEASON games on this app, but I
will try tonight.  

The app is not bad really, but it can use some work on it to make it even
better.  It had a college component; however, when I did a Factory Reset on
my phone, I lost it and the developer won't process me a refund.  My foggy
head and brain both failed themselves; they should have extracted the .APK
of the app for keeps before performing a factory reset!  Oh well, it was
only 99 cents at the time I made the purchases.  So, I'll sulk, soak and
suck this one in and hope that the app won't disappoint me in a few weeks.

I've not succeeded in conquering baseball; I don't want to pay the monthly
subscription for At Bat!  See, how selfish I am?  Anyway, I just
need it for when I am away from base; I try to stay away from going too far
into the boondoggles when the seasons for the games are on; but, alas, I do
find myself falling flat on my eyebrows.  It's what I get for being such a
simpleton!  Guess I'll learn in the next life if I choose to be part of it.

I sure hope I made you laugh a weebit; if not, I'll try again next time out!

Denver, Colorado

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