Kevin, you do have a point!  The trouble with Tv football commentary is that
the folks describing the game typically keep engaging sometimes in
irrelevant chatter and barely keep pace with the game.

Around my friends, I would listen to football on the radio using a headset
with built-in AM/FM radio; when I yell out "TOUCH DOWN," they get mad at me.
Why?  It hadn't been shown on Tv yet.  It takes them about another 20
seconds or so to see it.  

My friends don't want me getting too excited at yelling out "touch down"
when my team gets one. They rely on Tv, radio conveys the info much faster
and they don't understand why that is.  

I too find listening to the games on Tv extremely boring with very little
information about the game being passed to me in a way that makes real

Unless I can sit in the broadcast booth, I won't plan on going to the
Broncos stadium anymore!  I can't follow the game, the colleagues I am with
are busy watching it, and they won't describe any aspect of it to me.  I
like going to the soccer stadium because there's an announcer who does
describe the goings-on on the field in some shape or form, though never as
good as what will be done on radio.  

But oh well, what do I know?  Just an insignificant specie playing tag along
in all the wrong places, <LOL!?  Go Rockies, Go Broncos, Go Dodgers!!  Just
find a way to bring the championship trophies to the great West!

Denver, Colorado

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