Hello in Window-Eyes Land:

Ok, I am stumped and need some help.  I have three tasks that I am trying to

1.  I need to create a Macro that can be invoked for purposes of printing
company's address, phone number, E-mail address and such on paper so that I
don't have to keep typing this repeatedly.  I want it centered.  What
keystrokes or key sequences do I need to make this happen and how to save,
well, forever?
2.  PAGE NUMBERING:  I have a need to set page numbers such that the
numbering style will be something like Page 1 or 3 and so on.  How can I
accomplish this task in Word?  Can I create a macro that can make this task
more exciting as well?  If yes, how to record and save such a macro?
3.  CREATING AN OUTLINE:  Yes, good folks, how do I create an Outline?

Sorry for a boatload of questions; but I'm looking forward to getting some
help with my project.  Much thanks and all the best.

Denver, Colorado  

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