Hello Thomas,

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Thomas Fernandez wrote:

TF>>> Anyway, I have never used command line parameters. I just added that
TF>>> parameter in the shortcut (with and without blank after ...exe) but
TF>>> Windows complains. What should I do?

>> This one worked for me:

>> "C:\Program Files\The Bat!\thebat64.exe" /tls_disable_ecdhe

>> Hope it helps.

> Yes it did, and guess what: I just downloaded the mails from my Gmail
> account! Thanks.

> Note (FWIW): It works when using the gmail.com servers. On the other
> account, which I set to googlemail.com, TB asked me for the password.
> Of course, I hadn't changed it, but I changed the servers to gmail.com
> and it worked.

When sending, TB sends me a pop-up dialog each and every single time.
I have to click OK, but there is no way that I can say "accept this
cert for good".

Update: I just switched from "Internal Implementation" back to
"Microsoft CryptoAPI", and now the dialog does not appear any more.



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