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Paul Van Noord wrote:

>>>> There will have been a reason for that, don't you think?

>>> Isn't the Beta usually taken down when Ritlabs issues a new Beta
>>> or release version?

TF>> That's correct. It has become useless, as any bugs found should not be
TF>> distributed any more. That's the whole idea of beta testing.

> There have been multiple occasions in the past where a given beta caused
> problems  for me requiring me to go to a previous version. This is why I
> keep  copies  of  all acceptable betas. "Latest and greatest" are not
> synonymous!

Yes, beta versions can have problems, that's why users of beta
versions are called beta testers, and they participate in the beta
forum (or mailing list, as it is in the case of TheBat) and report
back. There is never a reason for someone who is not a beta tester to
download any beta version.

Once the release version is out, there is no need to revert back to a
beta version.

Otherwise, there would be something fundamentally wrong with the beta
process. I'm not saying saying this never happens in the world, I am
just saying it would be highly unusual if you have to revert back from
a release version to a beta version to make have a better version.



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