Am Freitag, 9. Februar 2018 13:15:12 UTC+1 schrieb @TiddlyTweeter:
> At level of DESIGN-for-purpose I have two responses... I'm talking here 
> about basic keyboard LANGUAGE issues. 
> 1 - for DESKTOP users with real keyboards *Minimalist Sets of Variant 
> Accents* (ONE line) would be very useful ... In THIS case the user has a 
> bar of the minimal variants of a language *that work alongside the 
> keyboard*. They don't need a full keyboard on-screen as they already have 
> one. The example I gave before explains it better than words ...
But if your name is BTC and you're on linux with a convertible laptop and 
not many onscreen keyboards to choose from, you'll want this on desktop, 
too ;)

> 2 - for SMART-PHONE users living in virtual reality a full-keyboard would 
> be the way. But in this case you'd need a reason to replace the default 
> keyboard that's adding something new. It looks complex to do that. I'll 
> comment separately on that issue. 
> For smartphones I just can't use the built-in keyboards for editing 
tiddlers. Or the screen gets resized so that you cannot see the tiddler 
anymore or you need to click and adjust the keyboard just to insert some 
characters in a comfy way.

> 3 - IF the architecture allows it (looking at the config file and it looks 
> very easy, in principle) then it would be a doddle (very easy) to create 
> many variants. 

> Best wishes
> Josiah
> BurningTreeC wrote:
>> Do you have ideas for how such a keyboard scheme should look like for you?

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