BurningTreeC wrote:
> @TiddlyTweeter:
>> BTC
>> At level of DESIGN-for-purpose I have two responses... I'm talking here 
>> about basic keyboard LANGUAGE issues. 
>> 1 - for DESKTOP users with real keyboards *Minimalist Sets of Variant 
>> Accents* (ONE line) would be very useful ... In THIS case the user has a 
>> bar of the minimal variants of a language *that work alongside the 
>> keyboard*. They don't need a full keyboard on-screen as they already 
>> have one. The example I gave before explains it better than words ...
> But if your name is BTC and you're on linux with a convertible laptop and 
> not many onscreen keyboards to choose from, you'll want this on desktop, 
> too ;)

*Let a THOUSAND layouts bloom.*


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