I'd be very happy to create some language sets. That I would know how to do.

that's great! Do you have ideas for how such a keyboard scheme should look 
like for you?

the currently used scheme is just a fast thing, I'd like to establish a 
scheme but I haven't had time to think about it

your proposals are welcome!

*UNICODE sets*
> Could be interesting, for instance (in combination with using online fonts 
> where needed), to have a Unicode "keyboard" set for the hexagram block (
> http://jrgraphix.net/r/Unicode/4DC0-4DFF) or dingbats (
> http://jrgraphix.net/r/Unicode/2700-27BF) 

I don't know much about these sets, but should be easy to implement by 
users if we have a scheme - maybe with a scheme editor accessible from 
within the keyboard under "keyboard settings"


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