Ciao BTC

2 - for SMART-PHONE users living in virtual reality a full-keyboard would 
>> be the way. But in this case you'd need a reason to replace the default 
>> keyboard that's adding something new. It looks complex to do that. I'll 
>> comment separately on that issue. 
For smartphones I just can't use the built-in keyboards for editing 
> tiddlers. Or the screen gets resized so that you cannot see the tiddler 
> anymore or you need to click and adjust the keyboard just to insert some 
> characters in a comfy way.

I totally agree. The idea smart-phones are smart was invented by a 
marketing department. They are awful to use to CREATE from. They are best 
for clicking boxes. 

IMO you are on a Big Fight to bring sensibility to Android keyboarding.

J, x 

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