One consequence of Markdown and other markups is its kinda, inadvertently, 
supporting an incorrect idea about writing and the nature of most 

The point is that most of them *assume that we need to ADD EXPLICIT MARKUP 
in order to render texts correctly*. The underlying idea is that "all 
documents are equally unstructured" so need markup help.


Most documents folk write are within a TYPE that is already structured 
according to conventions. Parsers, given the correct document TYPE, can 
usually render a document correctly WITHOUT explicit markup. Markup ONLY 
being needed to force compliance when a section of text breaks the standard 
layout of the type. 

A very good example of this is screenplays. Their plain text typed layout 
already mostly determines how (IMPLICITLY) they should be "marked up" for 
render. The Fountain Syntax <> for marking up 
screenplays is perhaps the best public example of a brilliant "Minimalist 
Markup"--mostly you need to add nothing explicit because the work is done 
simply by analysing the layout of the document.

Other examples would be most novels, much poetry and sophisticated legal 

These kinds of cases we should be able to support directly in TW quite 
easily, I think.


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