Oh man, by using that feature of the dynaview plugin, it looks like I 
indeed have to top-fix something. Thanks for the recommendation! 

I'll look more into it, but as of now it's not bothering me at all on 
Noteself Android. It's just Chrome (for Android) that's showing some kinks

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 5:02:25 PM UTC+9, BurningTreeC wrote:
> Oh! haha! I'm still testing out methods on how to reveal the secondary 
>> FABbuttons... 
>> At the demo site I used the swipe widget on the FAB button (as an 
>> overwritten theme tiddler, not yet integrated into the theme plugin), but 
>> it revealed a weird problem on Chrome for Android in my case. The 
>> positioning is right and all, but it seems the actual area that triggers 
>> the main FAB button shifts up when Chrome's address bar shifts up and out 
>> of sight. Looking around stackoverflow, it looks like Android Chrome has 
>> issues with bottom-fixed elements... I'm still looking into it 😅
> Have you seen the dynaview plugin on the prerelease page? It has an option 
> in its settings that saves the viewport dimensions to two separate tiddlers 
> - it's dynamic, so if the viewport changes those tiddlers will update
> That would allow a workaround, knowing the height, making it top-fixed, if 
> android chrome likes that
> ----------
> Now FAB is swipeable! :) That's cool! ... thanks for the quick update!

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