> Oh man, by using that feature of the dynaview plugin, it looks like I 
> indeed have to top-fix something. Thanks for the recommendation! 
> I'll look more into it, but as of now it's not bothering me at all on 
> Noteself Android. It's just Chrome (for Android) that's showing some kinks

Just letting you know about that feature, it's a bit hidden

I got an idea for your FAB button if you want to make it movable

you can use the <$press> and <$pan> widget on it and set the $time interval 
of the press widget higher, so that one needs to press for an amount of 
time to trigger the action
then the action would be to set the pan widget state on: 
then the fab button could be moved around
the endactions of the pan widget then can set the state of 
$:/a-tiddler-for-on-off to "off"

then with some css:

<$list filter="[[$:/state/fab-pan-statetiddler]!is[missing]]">

.tc-fab-button {
    position: absolute;
    left: {{$:/state/fab-pan-statetiddler!!center-x}}px;
    top: {{$:/state/fab-pan-statetiddler!!center-y}}px;
    bottom: inherit;
    right: inherit;


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