Jel, thanks for making me smile. 

If I felt the nature of TW was threatened, I'd react in the same way. But 
"marketing" TW - at least what I mean with it - simply means to put the 
product "out there" so that more people can use it and engage in its 
development. In fact,  
<>we need 
people here. Your contributions to TW, made even before TW existed, are 
clearly exceptional but the rest of us had to *find out* about TW in order 
to use and contribute to it today. We can have our little Mona Lisa hidden 
in our little closet or we can at least attempt to make it known to the 
world so more people can enjoy it. It is not *either* a beautiful product *or 
*a product that many people like - it is both.

if you're so brilliant in your omniscient knowledge, go play in your own 
> sandpit and produce something better. Tiddlywiki succeeds precisely BECAUSE 
> it isn't specific:to a need.

Yes! In my omniscient brilliance I am looking for exactly that; that we 
create specialized 'sandpits' and we make these easily found ("we market 
them"). That way, people have a chance to get to know about (real) TW which 
they probably would not do otherwise.

Now Jel, I'm REALLY curious what your ideas are for how we should get more 
people to use TW and to contribute to its development? Clearly, just having 
a "great product" is not enough in this time of information overflow. As 
you can tell, I'm not a professional marketer nor a competent coder, nor do 
I have as much experience as you do. So, please share your actual ideas how 
to make more people come to join the TW project. Or, better yet, don't jus 
hare ideas but help out with implementig them!


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