TonyM, Right.

This is not for everyone.

I do think there is demand. But to get into that and address it requires an 
orientation to being interested in it. A bit more of that might model a 
case that might show its worth.


TonyM wrote:
> Once you find a demand you want to satisfy it with a tiddlywiki solution. 
> To have one available we need to pre-empt demand and have them on the 
> shelf, but it is hard to predict.
> Perhaps instead we should find what demand exists and act as a swat team 
> to deliver a solution into that "market", however we (the community) are 
> good at collaboration but more as support collaborators, than build 
> collaborators, except for the developer folks.
> Personally I am keen to second guess business and knowledge worker tools 
> and build solutions to fit in that space where I perceive there to be a 
> demand.

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