Its interesting you think of these as "editions".
> I think of them as APPLICATIONS. No problem. But in terms of promotion why 
> promote a version as an "edition?" An edition OF WHAT? As far as I can see 
> they are a each a BRICOLAGE of relevant bits deserving its own emergent 
> wholeness. 

I like the idea of "editions" (I would actually rather call them bundles) 
more than standalone applications - TW is awesome because it can do pretty 
much everything, so restraining one app to one specific purpose would be 
more of a hindrance than anything, to me at least... Although it may be 
different for the less-tech-inclined average user.

It would be great if there are "fit for specific purpose editions" but I do 
> not think that should be our focus. I think from a development and 
> contributor perspective we should be building blocks (often plugins) that 
> when added together produce *solutions.*


How should any such editions (or, apps/applications as I'd prefer to call 
> them) be actual entry points?
> How, practically, would these entry points be served? To build them is 
> only part of the equation.

I think TW would benefit greatly of some sort of package/plugin manager, of 
the likes of npm or homebrew or apt. This would allow to 1. centralize all 
plugins and bundles and 2. manage dependencies (this plugin/bundle needs 
these other plugins etc.). The one included right now is very limited (and 
has very few plugins).

Le mercredi 11 avril 2018 07:16:37 UTC+2, Mat a écrit :
> From a marketing point, TW suffers from being too general. It kind of 
> solves everything but this means someone looking for, say, recipe data base 
> tool will choose "The Recipe Data Base Tool" rather than "TiddlyWiki". And 
> someone looking for the Keto 
> <!topic/tiddlywiki/fGy-NPGpX6s> diet 
> will turn to... you get it. And so on for every subject/issue/need.
> So, what would it take for TW to have "multiple entrances"? One "entrance" 
> that really is for 'recipe people'. Another that really attracts those 
> feeling ketosis. Etc.
> I have some thoughts (not necessarily great or practical ones) but before 
> I let them steer your associations, I'd love to hear your thoughts.
> How can we actually make this be real? (as opposed to hypothetically if we 
> had a marketing budget etc)
> <:-)

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