In discussion with open-source developers over the years about why some of 
their great work never really reaches its "full market potential" several 
relevant factors come up ...

1 - Mostly they love developing software, and are fearful of getting 
over-burdened with support issues ...

2 - IMO (purely subjective) they can be so far into a world of development 
platforms and its language & processes they sometimes have difficulty 
grasping what kind of mind-set a "normal" end-user just looking for a 
COMPLETE solution lives in. 

3 - This is NOT a criticism but it is a comment about understanding the gap 
between a "maker" & a "user". Usually  successful "marketing" of a product 
has a third person who helps bridge between maker and user.

These points may not apply so strongly to TiddlyWiki, though I think (1) 
does apply, in that its primary "development group" (= this GG you reading 
in now + GitHub) is interestingly diverse in skill and interest.


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