Hi Julian, 

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 11:43:27 PM UTC+2, Julian Kniephoff wrote:
> Just out of curiosity: On this 
> <http://tiddlywiki.com/static/PluginMechanism.html> page about TiddlyWiki 
> plugins I read the following:
> Plugins that define macros, views or other named entities are expected to 
>> prefix the name with their publisher identifier, for example: 
>>  tiddlytools.slider.
> However, I have yet to see a plugin follow this guideline. Is this still 
> enforced/encouraged?

It's encouraged for your plugins as in: 
$:/plugins/juliankniephoff/frobnicator  ... I personally would shorten the 
author section somehow, to have more characters for the plugins, without 
everything being too long. 

> ... should these be called $juliankniephoff.frobnicate, 
> juliankniephoff.frob and juliankniephoff.frobnicated respectively?

IMO nobody would like this. So for me it's still a "first come / first 
serve" for widget and macro names. ... BUT ... If you have a nice and short 
prefix for your calls, it may help in the future. .. I'm thinking about 2 
to 3 chars max. 

The problem for me is, that getting the names right needs some iterations. 
So you can go with an 
 - alpha version number eg: 0.0.1 first ... So everyone should be OK with 
name changes. ... 
 - Second step beta eg: 0.1.0 .. 
 - And if you think you don't change names anymore V 1.0.0. 

see: semver <http://semver.org/>.org, which TW tries to use :)

> (Of course none of this means anything. I'm just curious about the 
> convention.)

Good catch, and nice that you think about naming conventions :)


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