Hi Julian,

It's the first time I hear of this convention and I'm almost certain no one 
has been adhering to it.
At least I haven't been, since I wasn't even aware it existed.

It would definitely avoid collisions, especially among plugin authors.

If you look at my plugins, you'll find that many have a good chance for 
future incompatibilities owed to their generic names...


Eventually, rather than the above convention, I think we should have some 
public listing where authors can register some basic info about their 
plugins, especially things that may clash, like:

   - parsers
   - widgets
   - filters
   - fields
   - css classes

I find that to be a more sensible approach which would also make plugins a 
little more discoverable. Then a dev could verify if their desired name was 
already used by something else.

This could be a simple github repo where authors are free to make a PR for 
their plugin listing.

Best wishes,


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