On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 1:17:44 PM UTC+2, Jeremy Ruston wrote:
> > However, I have yet to see a plugin follow this guideline. Is this still 
> enforced/encouraged?
> I think I wrote that right back in the beginning of TiddlyWiki5, when it 
> was under development in 2011/12. Trying to learn from the experience of TW 
> Classic, I was consciously trying to implement features that would help the 
> community coalesce.
> As it's turned out, I don't think using the author prefix in the 
> widget/macro name is a good approach, because of the inevitable wordiness 
> it brings.

Should this note be removed from the page then? Should I create an issue 
and/or pull request for that? Maybe it could even be replaced by (some of) 
the advice by Mario?

> Tobias' idea of a central registry is not bad; if you're interested in 
> setting it up, then I suggest that structuring the registry as tiddlers in 
> the tw5.com wiki, but open to suggestions.

A question regarding such a registry that came to my mind is: How does this 
interact with the plugin library mechanism? I don't know much about that, 
yet, but I figure there is at least some overlap between its goals and the 
goals for such a central repository. Maybe some of that stuff can be 
repurposed and/or integrated.

Best wishes,

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