Hi Jeremy,

> Tobias' idea of a central registry is not bad; if you're interested in 
> setting it up, then I suggest that structuring the registry as tiddlers in 
> the tw5.com wiki, but open to suggestions.

While I think it should be easy to cross-reference (via helper macros), I 
think the full listing should not be part of tiddlywiki.com directly, if 
only to not overload it with content, however definitely be part of the TW5 

I'd be happy to build a plugin-registry type of wiki somewhat like these 
two, bit simpler:

   - http://customize.tiddlyspace.com
   - http://tobibeer.github.io/tw5-plugins

...but of course revolving around plugin metadata only, no full blown 
documentation, or live examples, just abstracts, perhaps some demo code, 
categorisartions, and perhaps some way to preview via screenshots, not sure.

This should probably be accessible at:

   - http://tiddlywiki.com/plugins

Best wishes,


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