On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 9:26:13 AM UTC-6, Andreas Hahn wrote:
> That's pretty cool. 
Yep, I like it a lot, though not necessarily for TWs.  The problem there is 
that dropped images surface at the dropzone widget, not at the tiddler.  
With a regular "textfile" bookmarklet, the images are rendered right where 
you drop them.  Saving though... not so easy.  But then, I'm usually not 
intending to keep all my ramblings/notes... and if I *do* want to keep 
them, then I drag stuff into a TW later.

But yes, a TW plugin than handled dropped images "right here dammit" would 
be uber-cool.  Since the browser data/html protocol handles it directly, 
shouldn't be too hard for a TW wizard to figure out.


> I imagine if you're running your TW in a node instance or on a server, 
> all you'd need to do would be to modify '$:/core/save/empty' to a custom 
> configuration and have that load in on the sidebar and you'd basically 
> be done. 

Lost me there.  What would that do?

> I also remember writing a plugin at some point so that you 
> could drag and drop images from webpages. 

> Big thanks for bringing up bookmarklets though coda! Would have never 
> thought of those. 
np. And again, a regular textfile bookmarklet is generally better (for the 
OP solution).  File/SaveAs is good enough (sans images).  And it doesn't 
*need* to be in the sidebar, either... create two, one of each.

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