On Monday, February 19, 2018 at 9:52:35 AM UTC-6, Simon Huber wrote:
> np. And again, a regular textfile bookmarklet is generally better (for the 
>> OP solution).  File/SaveAs is good enough (sans images).  And it doesn't 
>> *need* to be in the sidebar, either... create two, one of each.
>> my intention was not having something just good enough, I was thinking 
> more in the "good" direction ;)
> I think having a wiki open, but being able to edit tiddlers from a panel 
> docked to other pages would be nice, having the wiki simultaneously updated.
> Now I think a button from within a wiki that opens an editor panel in a 
> new window can already do that - I did something like that with the sidebar 
> once
> let me see if I find that solution, then I'll tinker something in my 
> alchemy laboratory

Totally agree with that sentiment.  Tinkering around with this may not be 
the best solution - I was just throwing it out there.

Shame about the iframe now working with locals.  That's the sandboxing 
rules at play.  Don't see a solution to that just yet.  I'm guessing that 
the origin of the outer portion (data/html etc) is considered unique and 
anything we supply in the sandbox attribute is file:/// based so they're 
different.  Oh well... 

More here, if anyone cares to dig in...



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